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I have recently been watching a number of Sean Tucker video clips on You Tube. Recently he interviewed Maaten Rots, a Dutch photographer, and I was impressed by his ability to walk around his neighbourhood and observe and shoot interesting abstract details from buildings. So yesterday I decided to spend an hour walking around a couple of blocks in Ballarat and doing the same. I've put my own spin on the work regarding style, but thanks Maaten for the inspiration.

  • Ian Kemp

I went on a photography trip to Morocco in 2017. There were just 5 other photographers, Silvi Glattauer was our mentor, and we concentrated on black and white photography. Often we were taking photographs from a moving bus, just to make the captures more difficult.

  • Ian Kemp

Updated: Mar 24

Merzouga, Morocco

On a trip to Morocco I wanted to make a body of work on the dunes in the Sahara Desert at Merzouga. These were to be fine art images which used the dunes as metaphors for the ever changing nature of human life. This is a repeated theme in much of my work.


'On the morning of our stay I picked out the highest dune on the horizon and I was there for the sunrise. The dunes went on seemingly forever.'


As footprints in the desert, nothing is fated to last.

I selected six of these images for exhibition in the Ballarat International Foto Biennale Open Exhibition and was selected as a finalist.

It is space and alone but perfect in its solitude.

Impermanence is the nature of all things.

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